Paul Toombs


Paul Toombs

Vitae Associate

Job title

Independent Training Consultant



Paul Toombs has over 30 years experience in enabling people to be superior performers. Since graduating with a Business Management degree Paul has worked with multinational organizations. Before moving into consultancy he worked for SKF, (Swedish), Goodyear, (US), and Portals, (UK).

He moved into consultancy in 1990 and he has continued to work internationally for SP Tyres, Siemens, Lufthansa, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gartner, Johnson & Johnson, SSP, Hewlett Packard, UME Health in North America; Western, Central and Eastern Europe; Russia; Kazakhstan; Asia, and the UAE.

In the UK he retains links with universities and works nationally with Researchers. He is a leader for the suite of Effective Researcher courses; directs and tutors on GRADschools; leads Broadening Horizons, a course on career management; leads the Leadership in Action course, the Collaborative Researcher, and the Engaging Researcher. Recently he has co developed workshops on Social Enterprise; and Innovation and Intrapreneurship; and Preparing for Leadership for Research Staff. He also facilitates skills development sessions for undergraduates, post graduates, researchers and academics.

Paul also supports the Windsor Fellowship, a charity that runs personal development and training programmes targeting talented Black and Asian students in the UK.

Paul Toombs is a member of Competency International, a research consortium and consultancy formed to foster collaboration on the design and implementation of competency based interventions which produce measurable results for clients.

In 1986, Paul became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. He sits on the Branch Committee and has served on the International Committee.