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Polytechnic Institute of Santarem

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Paula Pinto has a PhD in Biochemistry and is a Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Santarem, Portugal, where she lectures Biochemistry and Nutrition and coordinates the Human Nutrition and Food Quality course. She is also responsible for lecturing the module of emotional intelligence in the Human Resources curricular unit. She is also a researcher in the Molecular Nutrition and Health Laboratory, at Institute of Experimental and Technological Biology (iBET)/Institute of Biological and Chemical Biology (ITQB), in Lisbon. Along with teaching and research, Paula Pinto has long been developing skills in human resources. She is a Certified Life Coach (European Coaching Association, 2008), coaching mainly young people. Since 2009, she has been organizing and facilitating personal development seminars and workshops, mainly as a volunteer in non-profitable associations in Portugal (“Associação Viver”). In more recent years, she has also been organizing personal development short courses and workshops for undergraduate students in the Polytechnic Institute of Santarem and for graduate research students in iBET/ITQB, in collaboration with PIs.