Prof David Bogle

Prof Bogle


University College London

Job title

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Head of UCL Graduate School  


As Pro-Provost of the University College London (UCL) Doctoral School Professor Bogle’s role is to provide training and support for students beyond their disciplinary boundaries, to oversee the standards and regulations of research degree qualifications, and to develop strategy for research training at UCL.  UCL has 4500 research students. 

He has overseen a significant increase of training provision for doctoral students to over 700 courses with over 12,000 individual registrations in 2013/14.  He chairs the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network to share training between research intensive institutions in Bloomsbury.  To promote improved doctoral submission and completion rates they developed an on-line log for all research students which aids project management and monitoring. 

Prof Bogle chairs the League of European Universities (LERU) Doctoral Studies Community. He was lead author in the LERU position paperDoctoral degrees beyond 2010: Training talented researchers for society’ and recently ‘Good Practice Elements in Doctoral Training’ which have strongly influenced the development of new schemes for supporting doctoral education by the European Commission.  He is the UK representative on the European Research Area Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility working group on doctoral education. He is on advisory boards at the University of Zurich, RWTH Aachen and the Luxembourg National Research Agency.

Prof Bogle is professor of Chemical Engineering with research interests in Process Systems Engineering and Systems Biology and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2005.