Dr Raquel Cabral Harper

Raquel Cabral HarperOrganisation

CONNECT based at Trinity College Dublin 

Job title

International Funding Manager


Raquel graduated from the Lisbon Technical University with a ME (Forestry) and received her PhD degree in Tree Physiology from University College Dublin. In 2003 she joined the Forest Ecosystems Research Group in UCD where she worked on GHG emissions in Irish peatlands, as well as day-to-day group management. From 2006, she managed the PRTLI 2-funded UCD Urban Institute where she was instrumental in securing many European and nationally-funded projects. From 2011 to 2013 she lead the Research Management Team at UCD Earth Institute, working with over 80 UCD PIs spread across 9 UCD Schools to develop and implement the Institute’s Research Strategy. As International Funding Manager with CONNECT, she is responsible for devising and driving the Centre’s funding diversification strategy.