Dr Rogier Kievit

Rogier KievitOrganisation

University of Cambridge

Job Title

Programme leader, Executive processes Group

Rogier Andrew Kievit studied quantitative psychology at the University of Amsterdam, receiving his PhD in 2014 with Denny Borsboom. He then moved on to a postdoctoral position with Rik Henson at the MRC-CBSU, working on neurocognitive aging. Currently, Rogier holds a Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship on the Programme Leader Track at the Cognition and Brain Sciences unit at the University of Cambridge. He uses mathematical models to understand the neurobiological processes underlying developmental changes in executive functions across the lifespan, with a particular interest in adolescence and old age. With the goal of understanding adolescent development and increasing neurocognitive health in older populations, Kievit’s particular interests are in models that effectively capture how cognitive changes across lifetime relate to brain reorganization, maintenance, and compensation. He has a partner who is a full time scientist on a Royal Society fellowship, and two children (Nova, 2, and Flynn, 5, who has extensive special needs due to a genetic disorder).

Twitter: @rogierk