Dr Tony Bromley

Tony BromleyOrganisation

University of Leeds 

Job title

Senior Training and Development Officer


Tony is a senior training and development officer at the University of Leeds responsible for the postgraduate researcher ‘core’ personal and professional development programme. Tony is an associate editor of the journal Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education and was the regional advisor/coordinator for Vitae in the Yorkshire and North East from 2006 - 2014. As a member of the UK National Impact and Evaluation Group, Tony was lead author of the UK researcher development sector evaluation impact framework, led the implementation of the framework and authored subsequent sector update reports containing case study examples of impact from Higher Education Institutions and organisations nationally (www.vitae.ac.uk/impact). He has also authored a number of book chapters on the evaluation of impact (see http://www.sddu.leeds.ac.uk/people/tony-bromley/).