Evolving the Vitae Researcher Development Framework: The RDF in practice


Vitae member event


We invite members to join us at this online workshop to share their perspectives and views on the ongoing project to evolve the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

The Vitae RDF was developed by researchers for researchers in a cross-sector collaboration in 2009. It describes the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of successful researchers and has since been used by researchers and embedded in institutional practice around the world. We have been consulting with the community to understand how the RDF might best be evolved to reflect changes in research culture and the research environment, and recently presented developments to the Researcher Development Statement (the strategic overview of the RDF) at the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference 2023.

Building on this feedback, this event will be focused on understanding how the RDF might be evolved to enhance use of, and engagement with, the framework. We will focus on exploring:

  • How the RDF is used within institutions, by researcher developers, and by researchers
  • Strategies for using the RDF with researchers
  • The key benefits and challenges of using the RDF 
  • How the RDF might be evolved to better improve its usability and impact

The event will be interactive and involve participation in facilitated activities, as well as including opportunities for practice sharing and open discussion.

If you use the RDF in any way, we encourage you to join us to share your experiences, hear how others are using the RDF, and to input into how the framework is evolved.  

The event is open to all Vitae members, including researchers. Bookings are open now.

Outline agenda:

The RDF evolution project so far - presentation

The RDF in practice - a 'magic box' activity

Short break

Using the RDF with researchers - discussion session

Next steps