IP for research events 2021

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Following on from the success of the virtual Live lectures in the 2019-20 programme, Vitae and the IPO will again be offering free online live lectures within the 2020/21 programme. These events aim to increase the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge and skills of doctoral and early career researchers and facilitate relationships within institutions to support the management and development of IP.

Book your place for one of the below February lectures

The first two IP for Research online lectures will take place as follows:

  • Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 1400 GMT (content targeted for AHSS researchers)
  • Friday 26 February 2021 at 1000 GMT (content targeted for STEM researchers)  

Please use the form to book for either event.

Once you have booked you will receive an email confirming your booking. The  log in details will be sent nearer the date.

These lectures will be repeated on 15 April (AHSS content) and on 16 April (STEM content). Bookings for these will open in late February.

There is no charge for attending any of these lectures.

Now I understand why IP is important to my PhD and how I can help protect it - IP workshop participant, 2019


IP for research virtual lecture

The live lectures will support researchers’ development by discussing why Intellectual Property (IP) matters and to:

  • explore the different types of IP you could be creating as a researcher
  • help you make informed decisions on use of any IP generated
  • understand when you might need to speak to an IP expert at your university
  • highlight the potential opportunities to maximise the impact of research

The information provided is from a UK IP perspective, but would be useful to researchers working on international projects with an interest in understanding IP more widely.

Both Live Lectures will provide an overview of Intellectual Property, the role of the IPO and why IP is important to researchers. They will also seek provide some guidance on where researchers can look for support on IP matters before looking in more detail at the core elements that constitute intellectual property.

The Live Lecture aimed at Arts, Humanities and Social Science researchers will focus mainly on copyright, trademarks and branding and only touch lightly on patents. The Lecture aimed at STEM researchers will also cover copyright in detail, along with patents, as the core content.

Log-in details to access the event will be sent to registered participants nearer the date.