Mental Health and Wellbeing in Structured Doctorates


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This event is taking place in response to discussions with researcher developers and those supporting PGRs to explore PGR mental health and wellbeing in the specific context of structured doctorates, including professional doctorates, doctoral training partnerships and taught PhDs. 

We will explore how the Mental Health and Wellbeing picfactors influencing the mental health and wellbeing of PGRs might impact differently on students undertaking these programmes; the potentially protective effect of studying in a cohort; network building activities; taught sessions on issues relating to wellbeing; and how mental health and wellbeing is embedded in the taught element of some of these programmes. 
The purpose of this session is to explore some of these factors in more depth, examine what evidence might be available, and to consider what lessons might be learnt for supporting all PGRs to help reduce isolation, develop social support and belonging, and increase mental health literacy. 

Who should attend

This event is for anyone involved in supporting researchers and with an interest in promoting better mental health and wellbeing.  This may be around learning and practice that can be incorporated into your own structured doctoral programmes or around considering practice that can be adopted more widely.

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