Vitae training materials taster day


This event is aimed at researcher developers, training managers, HR professionals, and those responsible for the development of research staff.  This event is not designed for research staff or PhD students.

 The East of England and London Vitae Hubs are offering you a chance to become more familiar with a selection of Vitae researcher development materials. The day will be facilitated by Dr Tracey Stead.

Vitae offers a range of experiential learning programmes: from short sessions that can be incorporated into other courses to longer programmes, packaged for ‘off the shelf’ use or adaptation.

In this interactive session, we will introduce you to the following programmes which are aimed at a variety of audiences: 

  • Managing your academic career - a one-day career development programme for women in academia and women returners

  • Part time researcher - A one-day programme for part-time researchers

  • Collaborative Researcher – a two-day residential programme for any early career researcher, which establishes the building blocks of the collaborative style of research

  • Finish Up and Move On (FUMO) - a two-day programme aimed at doctoral researchers who are in the middle to late stage of their doctoral studies

  • The engaging researcher - one-day experiential training course for early career researchers to explore public engagement activities 

By the end of the day you will have:

  • an introductory understanding of the content of the programmes and the requirements for facilitating them

  • experienced a selection of activities from the programmes

  • considered how they might be used and facilitated in your own institution