Vitae SNI Hub Preparing for Leadership for Research Staff

Vitae Scotland and Northern Ireland Hub Preparing for Leadership for Research Staff

  • This is a regional course so places are limited to a small number per institution in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Members of research staff and postdoctoral researchers wishing to attend this course will need to apply for a place, submitting a short statement demonstrating your motivation for wanting to be a participant on this programme.
  • Your expression of interest will be passed on to the research staff training contact at your institution and your 150 word statement used as a guide for selection.
  • Closing Date of 20 February 2015 has now passed
  • The HEI will nominate and successful applicants will be informed in the week of 2 March 2015
  • You will need to pay your own travel and subsistence costs (if appropriate)


  • Research staff who are typically within the first 4 years of their postdoctoral career.
  • Researchers who are starting to take on leadership roles or who wish to take on more leadership roles in the future.

The programme recognises that:

  • Being effective as a researcher requires many varied skills and attributes, which may differ by discipline.
  • Postdoctoral researchers may have a lot of responsibility for their projects and work, but often much less authority.
  • Please note a limited number of places are available for Researcher Developers wishing to observe the course. Please contact Elizabeth Scanlon (Scotland and Northern Ireland Hub Manager) for further information. 

Aims of the programme

  • To help you assess your current position.
  • To identify where you would like to progress to.
  • To identify what it takes to succeed in your current and future roles.
  • To have a plan to achieve your goals.

What’s in it for me?

This programme will take participants though many aspects of leadership including:

  • Leading self.
  • Intellectual leadership.
  • Team leadership.

By the end of this programme, you will be better able to:

  • Appreciate the critical situations that have led you to be successful to date.
  • Consider what leadership might mean.
  • Understand yourself and your preferences that will allow you to exercise leadership in a way that suits you.
  • Clarify the tasks that are expected of you both now and in future roles.
  • Identify the areas of competency that are required for the next steps into leadership positions.
  • Create a vision and strategy to implement; decide what is important for you.
  • Decide the culture you want to create.
  • Decide how to get the best out of other people.
  • Decide how to develop yourself to do all of these things more effectively.
  • Appreciate what is important and essential in any future role.
  • Develop a peer network.

Workshop approach

  • Focuses on personal development and action coaching therefore you will be asked to help your colleagues find their own solutions to the issues they are facing and encourage them to commit to action. The other participants will be asked to help you in return.
  • Experiential, coaching, and action learning focussed. Participants are guided by experienced facilitators, rather than taught.

Important notes

  • This programme will not focus on specific aspects of effective academic practice such as grant writing, publications, or effective presentations.
  • This is a TWO day course and you will be expected to attend both days. If you are unable to attend the course in full please do not apply.
  • This is a non-residential course. Vitae will not be covering the cost of accommodation or travel.
  • If your application is successful, you will be expected to undertake some work before the course. This should take you approximately 4 hours to complete.



  • Career road map.
  • Leadership reading.
  • Pre workshop evaluation.