Vitae Connections 3: Insights into Researcher Development - Innovations


Vitae is delighted to be providing this interesting, practical and thought provoking one-day event for researcher developers.

What’s in it for me?  

You will hear

  • short, sharp, TED inspired talks from a range of speakers involved in learning, development  and support activities from inside and outside academia. These include speakers from industry, commerce and other sectors to challenge you to think and do differently.

You will have

  • time for conversations: creative, critical and shared with fellow experienced practitioners.
Confirmed Speakers include:
  • Jackie Head, Head of Counselling, University of Bristol who will talk about support for researchers with mental health issues 
  • Ben Whitelaw, Communities Editor, The Times and The Sunday Times, who will share his experience of building online communities and using social media to aid this.  
  • Alistair Shepherd, Co founder, Saberr, who will talk about news ways of recruiting successful teams.
  • Matthew Dovey, Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure, JISC, who will talk about the skills needed to adapt to the future demands of digital research.
  • Nitin Parmar, Learning Technologist, University of Bath who will talk about the use of QR codes and Augmented Reality in research.
  • Andrzej Marczewski, Author, Gamified UK  Blog, Internal Web Manager, Capgemini UK who will talk about gamification and skills development.

Why should I attend?     

This practical one-day event will provide an opportunity to:

  • hear from speakers from a range of organisations who will talk about their experiences of delivering learning and development activities
  • be involved in peer to peer discussions about how these experiences can be transferred to researcher development in your institution
  • access other practitioners and experts to share practice on developing researchers.

Who should attend?   

  • Anyone who works for a higher education institution and is experienced at delivering learning and development activities for researchers.

The Venue - The Royal Institution

Where better for Vitae Connections  - Innovations to take place than the The Conversation Room on the ground floor of this stunning and historic building.

For more than two hundred years the Royal Institution of Great Britain has been at the centre of scientific research and the popularisation of science in this country. Within its walls some of the major scientific discoveries of the last two centuries have been made.

Chemists and physicists - such as Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, John Tyndall, James Dewar, Lord Rayleigh, William Henry Bragg, Henry Dale, Eric Rideal, William Lawrence Bragg and George Porter- carried out much of their major research here.

The Royal Institution is home to:

  • the famous Christmas Lectures ®, started by Michael Faraday in 1825
  • Faraday's Magnetic Laboratory
  • Display of iconic objects and original apparatus used by individuals who have lived, lectured and researched at the Ri
Please note:
The Faraday Museum is open until 18.00, giving you plenty of time to have a look around after the event.