Connections: Researching, writing and publishing about researcher development

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Edinburgh University, Teviot Row House
3rd June 2015

Speakers Announced:

The following will be contributing to this event, check back soon for more announcements:

  • Dr Tony Bromley, Senior Training and Development Officer, University of Leeds: Associate Editor, International Journal for Researcher Development
  • Rebecca Dearden, Senior Academic Staff Development Officer , University of Leeds
  • Dr Velda McCune, IAD Deputy Director / Head of Learning and Teaching, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Samantha Pugh, Lecturer in STEM Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Leeds
  • Dr Sharon Saunders, Research Staff Development Consultant, University of Cambridge

Event Overview

The current literature on researcher development does not showcase the volume, quality and depth of practice which exists. This one-day event will enable experienced researcher developers to plan for publishing research in the field.

An event for experienced researcher developers

Researcher development is fast emerging as a new field of research and scholarship.* But does the current literature showcase the volume, quality and depth of practice which exists?

As an experienced researcher developer, you are a member of a large and growing cohort of professional staff in HEIs in the UK and beyond. Many of you have a strong research background as a result of your own PhD or postdoctoral work, or your expertise in the HE sector and beyond, and have experience of publishing, but:           

  • Do you undertake the scholarly work that provides the evidence to support researcher development practice?
  • Are you making an impact in this emerging field of scholarship and research?

In November last year, Vitae held a Connections event for experienced Researcher Developers, and the topic of how and where to publish, emerged as an area that participants wanted to explore further. A need to ‘practise what we preach’ and  ‘improve our credibility’ was expressed. Participants also felt it was a vital part of continuing professional development for researcher developers.

As a result, this event will bring together researcher developers, colleagues from learning and teaching and publishers to discuss: 

  • How to publish
  • Where to publish
  • How researcher developers can support each other to develop as researchers in this area

*The International Journal for Researcher development ( states: Researcher development is fast emerging as a new field of research and scholarship. In the context of higher education it is a key policy issue, and research capacity building and the development of individuals as or into researchers, currently preoccupy institutional leaders, managers and administrators at all levels. In other sectors, too, the notion of researcher-practitioners as leaders within their professions has heightened interest in understanding much more about how researchers develop at all stages of their careers.

Learning Outcomes

This lively and interactive event will be a mixture of presentations, discussions and group activity. Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Understand the broader context of this emerging area of scholarship
  • Identify key journals and publishers and understand how to meet their requirements
  • Identify strategies for writing and publishing in collaboration with others
  • Inform your own career development in the context of the Vitae Continuing Professional Development framework for Researcher Developers
  • Produce an action plan for future development
An outline programme can be seen on the programme tab and speakers will be announced shortly.