Distance learning in researcher development

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University of Manchester, Tuesday 11 March 2014


Are you thinking about providing researcher development activities online but don't know where to start? Researchers are changing the way they work, learn, communicate and collaborate. Online engagement is becoming integral to effective academic practice in a global environment. In order for you to effectively support the development of your researchers, you may be considering a more blended approach to learning incorporating elements such as webinars, virtual classrooms, discussion spaces, collaborative blogs and Tweet-chats. This workshop will help you explore online approaches to training and development and work out which will work best for you and your researchers.

Topics covered

  • Exploring the drivers behind creating online researcher development activities
  • An introduction to the basics of using virtual learning technologies including hosting webinars and using social media to facilitate learning
  • Benefits and limitations of online training activities
  • Tips and tricks in getting started
  • Hands-on practice with relevant tools and platforms
  • Next steps, useful resources and further support

How to register

Register for this free workshop here. You will be able to attend the workshop either face-to-face or virtually and will be sent relevant joining instructions once you have registered.