Enhancing Professional Effectiveness - YNE regional Pilot

BOOKINGS FOR THIS EVENT ARE NOW CLOSED.  If you would like to have your name added to a waiting list, please contact Joanne Warner, YNE Hub Manager.

Research Staff Futures: Enhancing Professional Effectiveness aims to help new Research Staff to make an effective start.  It focuses on two important themes during the transition from doctoral candidate to employee; being more effective in the face of diverse and competing responsibilities and working more effectively with others.

Overview and aims

New research staff have to hit the ground running, often in the face of competing time pressures from multiple research projects and responsibilities. They might be primarily employed as researchers, however their responsibilities can be diverse and demanding, such as supervisory roles and managing collaborative research. Making an effective start and transitioning into the role quickly and smoothly can be essential to delivering results within a fixed-term contract.

This programme will not cover particular aspects needed to progress in academia, such as how to get funding, how to write research bid, or academic writing skills.

The programme covers two broad themes of boosting personal effectiveness and working more effectively with others.  The course includes the opportunity to:

  • consider motivations for doing research and the best parts of doing research
  • acknowledge the challenges of being a researcher
  • learn some task and time prioritisation methods
  • recognise personal working preferences and those of others
  • identify how to work more effectively with others
  • consider the impact of culture on working more effectively
  • understand how to have more effective conversations and collaborations
  • advice for creating a personal action plan.

This course offers the opportunity to meet with researchers from across the Yorkshire/North East region from a variety of disciplines.  This is an application process and places are not automatically guaranteed.  The application process will close on 14th November after which time we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if your application has been successful. 

PLEASE NOTE: Those individuals whose career aspirations do not involve progressing ‘up' the research ladder (e.g. stay in their current role, or take their skills outside of the research environment) will also benefit from this training, which will highlight that skills are transferable readily to other environments.  This full day workshop is aimed at research staff in their first or second research contract and is not suitable for PhD students.