Establishing Yourself - Productivity and People (For Early Career Researchers)

Vitae logo A Vitae Midlands Hub event

University of Warwick, Friday 28 February 2014

The course will cover the theme of being more productive and working more effectively with others:

  • through inclusion of specific training on:    Research Management: including time and task prioritisation skills
  • working with Others: taking in information and communicating arguments effectively and cultural understanding
  • taking the next steps to become a professional effective researcher.

This programme aimed at research staff who are in their first or second research contract post PhD or equivilent and aspire to become PIs or project team leaders. This programme therefore, is aimed at allowing Research Staff step into this role. Those individuals whose career aspirations do not involve progressing ‘up' the research ladder (e.g. stay in their current role, or take their skills outside of the research environment) will also benefit from this training which will highlight that skills are transferable readily to other environments.

(Please note booking for this workshop closed on 24th February [date referenced on the booking form])