HR strategies for researchers: future directions and good practice across Europe

Event overview

The HR Excellence in Research Award is currently held by over 120 organisations across Europe. It acknowledges institutions which are implementing the principles of the European Charter and Code of Recruitment of Researchers and have robust plans in place to enhance working conditions for researchers.

In July 2012, the European Commission highlighted in its communication, ‘A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth' that the EC will ‘support the setting up of a European Accreditation Mechanism for Charter and Code based human resources management in universities and publicly-funded research institutions'.

Eight years after the European Charter and Code for the Recruitment of Researchers was launched at the UK Presidency conference in London, this timely event explored:

  • European Commission strategy for implementation of the European Charter and Code in the context of the European Research Area and the feasibility study for a European certification mechanism for good HR management of researchers
  • a new report was launched at the event comparing HR Excellence in Research implementation plans published across Europe
  • experiences and good practice from institutions with the HR Excellence in Research Award, including the 2-year internal review process
  • next steps and future plans

The outcomes of this event will inform the feasibility study currently being undertaken into the scope of an accreditation mechanism for HR management of researchers.

The event was chaired by Professor Trevor McMillan, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research, Lancaster University and on behalf of the UK panel assessing UK submissions for the HR Excellence in Research Award.

Stefaan Hermans, Head of Skills Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission provided the opening keynote on the European strategies for enhancing HR management for researchers.