A3 - Sharing practice: strategies for effective on-going review

Day 1 at 14:00 - A key element of the HR Excellence in Research process is on-going review and evaluation, both internal and external. Only a few of the organisations with the HR Excellence in Research Award have undertaken the internal review process so far. This workshop was an opportunity to share strategies and approaches for effective review mechanisms which lead to enhancements in practice. Strand - All Researchers (practice).
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 14:00
Strand All Researchers (practice)
Code A3
Presenters Dr Sara Williams - Training and Development Manager (Research), Cardiff University
Mrs Veryan Johnston - Executive Director of Human Resources , Newcastle University

UK institutions, as part of the internal review process two years after receiving the Award, set out short reports which include:

  • how the internal evaluation was undertaken
  • key achievements and the progress against the strategy, indicators and actions identified in the original action plan
  • next steps and the focus of the strategy for the next two years, including success measures.

The workshop was an opportunity for participants to:

  • hear two case studies of institutional strategies for effective review of progress, including indicators and success measures
  • explore what success looks like for institutions with the HR Excellence in Research Awards
  • identify actions or recommendations for effective review.