Online event for staff supporting researchers: Supporting researcher well-being

Event for staff based at Vitae member organisations

Recent studies seem to indicate that mental health and stress-related problems are on the rise in academia. What do these trends tell us about the research experience? How do we as staff involved in supporting researchers adapt our provision to help researchers face the demands of a career in academia? 

Join us for an online webinar to share practice, experiences and ask our panel questions related to supporting researcher well-being.

We will explore the following issues:

  • What is well-being and what may it look like in the research context?
  • What are the common challenges faced by researchers? 
  • What and who is needed to help prevent/support researcher challenges? 
  • What are the easy wins you can do as researcher developers to increase support around this issue?
  • How to embed issues and support related to well-being in your training provision? 
  • Many more...

Confirmed panelists:

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This event is for staff engaged in supporting researchers (including researcher developers, career specialist, PIs, research managers/administrators, senior managers, librarians, HR professionals, etc) who are based at Vitae member organisations only

If you are not based at a Vitae member organisation or you've used your non-organisation email address to register on our website, you will not be able to participate in this event. 

If you are a researcher, join us at Coping with stress and anxiety - #vitaehangout on 14 March instead, which is open to anyone who registers on our website. 

Our YouTube Q&A is part of our current 'Focus on' theme. With  'Focus on work life balance and well-being', This ‘Focus on’ features practical strategies to deal with stresses of research and offers useful advice on how to have a life outside of academia. It proposes a range of suggestions that have been found useful in balancing the different demands in researchers' lives.