Your link to 'Supporting researcher well-being' online event

This event is for staff based at Vitae member organisations only. Specifically it will be the most relevant to the following audiences based at Vitae member organisations: researcher developers, supervisors, PIs, career specialists, HR managers, heads of graduate schools, research managers, senior managers, funders, etc. 

If you are based at one of the Vitae member orgainsations and at least part of your role includes 'supporting researchers', there's just one step required of you to access the rest of this page, including the link to the practice-sharing Q&A on the 13th March, completely for FREE

You need to log in or register on our website using your organisational email address.

If you are a researcher, you may want to join us at 'Coping with stress and anxiety: Health and well-being for researchers' instead, also an online event, which is taking place on the 14 March, at 2pm (UK Time).

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