The Enterprising Researcher – Innovating in your career 2

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Huddersfield University, Friday 14 March 2014

Event overview

The 2014 Impact days will engage researchers in thinking about enterprise in a broad sense and to apply the behaviours associated with being enterprising and self-leadership to their own career development.

Vitae is working in partnership with the Entrepreneurial Institute to deliver a series of Impact Days for early career researchers. Following successful 2013 Impact days in London and Bristol: ‘Charting an entrepreneurial career: how researchers can control their professional destiny', a further two 2014 Impact days, each for 60 early career researchers from all disciplines will look at being enterprising in developing your career.

Each 2014 Impact day will:

  • focus on being enterprising as a fundamental aspect of being a researcher and an essential aspect of the life long career aspirations for researchers
  • explore the practicalities of how to be enterprising in getting work, developing careers, winning funding for research and business ideas.
  • encourage researchers' in taking self-responsibility for their careers
  • provide insight into the enterprising skills to manage careers in whatever direction researchers choose to go
  • use illustrative tools such as the Researcher Development Framework, careers stories and case studies to help researchers understand self, experience and plan actions to meet their goals
  • address self- leadership in the development of careers.

The 2014 Impact days will use a mixture of delivery techniques including case studies, invited speakers and interactive practical exercises to provide opportunities to share experiences, challenges and insights. Learning will be underpinned by the Vitae Researcher Development Framework

Following from the Impact day, researchers will be able to:

  • recognise enterprising behaviour in their own research environment
  • understand their own enterprising behaviour
  • recognise how they can be enterprising in their own career development and how to take ownership of their own career development
  • understand the key capabilities that future employees including academia require and understand that being enterprising enhances career prospects
  • create personal action plans.

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