#Vitae14 How to start a business after your PhD?

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Online, Thursday 20 March 2014

This event has already taken place - you can watch the recorded video  below.

Your enterprise questions answered

Our hangout attracted a lot of interest and we had far more questions submitted than we could possibly answer in an hour. With that in mind, we have asked our panellists and other enterprise experts to keep the conversation going and write up their short replies to your unanswered questions. Over the next weeks we will be publishing their answers in the FAQ section on our website. We would also like to extend this invitation to you. Offer your own answers, ask new questions and spread the word to others who may be considering starting their own business. Let's create an enterprise resource for researchers!

Questions include:

1. Is kickstarter.com a good way to start your business?

2. Regarding changing the course of direction, is being an entrepreneur a valuable skill in our CV, when we apply for job, in case the business idea does not succeed?

3. Can you please tell us what are the milestones in setting up a business? Such as funding the company, fundraising stage etc

Read answers to your enterprise questions



To celebrate the enterprise month we are offering a free online copy of our new researcher booklet: "The enterprising researcher" to everyone who registers to our website.

Download your booklet here

Event overview

Join researchers turned successful entrepreneurs for our first free #vitae14 Hangout on 20 March (Thursday) from 2pm GMT! Katie Wheat (of #ECRchat) will be joined by entrepreneurs, founders and educators spanning high-tech to social enterprise to discuss how to take the first steps towards building your own business and being more enterprising in your research.

The research environment offers many opportunities for enterprising individuals. As a researcher you have probably already developed relevant knowledge and skills.

You might be contemplating how you can build a business from your research or using your researcher capabilities, or perhaps you have never contemplated this. Whatever stage you are at, our Google hangout will be a useful insight into an enterprising mind-set.

Our panellists will help you answer the following:

  • What skills do I need to become an entrepreneur?
  • What are the biggest challenges faced by researchers who are
    starting a business?
  • What are the best ways for researchers to obtain start-up capital?
  • What enterprising skills do you have as a researcher that you might not realise?
  • What value do enterprising skills add for an individual and an organisation, either within or outside academia?
  • How should you go about protecting your intellectual property when starting a new venture?
  • Sometimes start-ups fail, or it’s time to change direction and do something new. How do you manage risks as an entrepreneur?
  • Any burning questions you want to ask during the hangout or before on our social media channels

Meet the Panel

We would like to thank Dave Jarman from the Enterprise Education and Peri Cihan from the Cambridge Enterprise for their help in choosing our panellists.

What is a Google Hangout?

Google+ Hangouts are live online video Q&A sessions with a group of expert panellists. As the video is streaming live on the G+ page and here you will be able to watch and gain real insights, top tips and also have an opportunity to get involved in the conversation, ask and answer questions on a discussion board or on Twitter.

Can anyone attend the Hangout?

Yes, whether you have a Google account or not, you will be able to watch our live hangout when we stream it on 20 March! However, only by joining our Google Plus event page or using #vitae14 on Twitter, will you have the opportunity to guide the discussion and advice with your own questions.

We need your questions!

You will be able to watch our experts will be discussing the general theme of enterprise and entrepreneurship, streamed live via Google Plus. By joining our Google Plus event page, you will also have the opportunity to guide the discussion and advice with your own questions. Anyone who joins our event page will be able to post their questions to the panel directly during the event. We also welcome participation across other social media channels by using #Vitae14.

We are already collecting questions to put to the panel. Contact us now to get your question/topic of interest added to the discussion.

Here’s how to get involved:

REMEMBER you can send us your questions any time before the Hangout and also live during the video streaming. We’re looking forward to having you involved!

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