Is a good way to start your business? I heard many people fail to raise their fund

Posted 27/03/2014 by Beata Pedziwiatr

Response by Dave Jarman, Head of Enterprise Education, The University of Bristol

"For arts/creative/product businesses it can be good because it also generates exposure – but you need something eye-catching to really get significant interest and you need nice rewards to offer investors. Lots of ‘dry’ ideas fail on kickstarter. You should also line up some investors BEFORE you launch the site – because you should try and have 30%+ funding listed within an hour of launch. Money tends to follow money so having an idea listed for days at 10% funded actually deters investors!"

Response by Kelly Smith, Head of Enterprise, University of Huddersfield:

All forms of finance have their pros and cons. A description of the different types of finance and a link to find funding can be found here:

If you are specifically interested in crowd funding, a comparison site can be found here: