Regarding changing the course of direction; is being an entrepreneur a valuable skill in our CV, when we apply for a job, in case the business idea does not succeed?

Posted 27/03/2014 by Beata Pedziwiatr

Response by Dave Jarman, Head of Enterprise Education, University of Bristol:

"Absolutely! It's commercial experience gained the hard way! If you’ve had an entrepreneurial venture prior to interviewing for a job it’ll be the main element of the interview – because it illustrates business skills, commitment, team skills, communication & leadership – it’s a microcosm of bigger businesses and the learning can be profound. Entrepreneurship is a set of skills anyway – turning ideas into innovations, building teams, exploring markets, problem solving, etc."

Response by Kelly Smith, Head of Enterprise, University of Huddersfield:

"According to the CBI, enterprise and entrepreneurship are seen as key employability skills (p8 of They mention “an ability to demonstrate an innovative approach, creativity, collaboration and risk taking” and state “an individual with these attributes can make a huge difference to any business.”"