UK 3MT 2014: judges' profiles

Meet our judging panel

Robert Anderson FSAFRSE FSA is a museum curator who was Director of the British Museum from 1992-2002 and oversaw the £100 million redevelopment of the British Museum's Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, opened by the Queen in 2000. Dr Anderson has also been Director of the National Museums of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Museum and held posts at the London Science Museum and Wellcome Museum of the History of Medicine. Since leaving the British Museum he has held a series of prestigious appointments with organisations including the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, the University of Cambridge and the Leverhulme Trust. He is currently an Official Fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.

Iain Cameron is Head of Research Careers for RCUK, the strategic partnership of the UK’s seven Research Councils. Iain works closely with the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and other UK research funders. He represents the UK on the ERA Human Resources and Mobility Steering Group and participates in several international networks. Iain has played a highly visible role in raising the profile of skills and career development for researchers in the UK. Before working with RCUK, Iain trained in virology and held two post-doctoral positions before becoming Head of Postgraduate Training for the EPSRC, where he played a central role in the development of Doctoral Training Accounts.

Melissa Lord is a Physics teacher at the Altrincham Grammar School for Girls which is part of the Bright Futures Educational Trust. She is a winner of the 2012 Institute of Physics Teachers of Physics Award and was described as an ‘exceptionally gifted teacher with boundless enthusiasm for physics who has had a profound effect on her students’. Melissa has previously run a project for students from Y10-Y12: “Science and Sustainability”: team work focussed on what the issues of the future might be, with more detailed investigation of one of these, and the role of STEM subjects in finding solutions.  The final student presentations surpassed all expectations, so a second project is launching now.

Ehsan Masood is a science writer, journalist and broadcaster. He is the editor of Research Fortnight and teaches international science policy at Imperial College London. Ehsan has worked in editorial roles for Nature and New Scientist and has written for newspapers including The Times, The Guardian and Le Monde. He is a trustee of Leadership for Environment and Development and advises the British Council on science and cultural relations. Ehsan is a regular contributor to Home Planet, an environmental affairs programme on BBC Radio 4 and a trustee of The Muslim Institute. His latest book, Science and Islam: A History is the official tie-in to a three-part TV documentary series presented by Jim Al-Khalili.

Erinma Ochu is a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, based in Life Sciences at the University of Manchester, currently exploring the the cultural value of citizen science and innovative ways the public can participate in biomedical research. This includes collaborations with NGOs, scientists, social scientists, game designers, museums and festivals. Erinma originally trained as a neuroscientist and her diverse career has included work in the film, tv and cultural sector. She is an RSA fellow, acting as digital champion. She currently serves on the BBRSC Bioscience for Society panel and The External Advisory Board of The Museum of Science and Industry. Erinma is a keen blogger and makes films to imagine alternative futures. @erinmaochu;

Adrian Woolard leads Future User Experience research as Head of North Lab, BBC R&D. Since 2012, he has been responsible for BBC Connected Studio with a fund of up to £1Million annually to invest in early stage concepts and public-facing pilots. Previously he was Head of Innovation Culture for BBC Research and Innovation, focused on supporting open innovation programmes such as Backstage, BBC AHRC Knowledge Exchange, Innovation Labs and other strategic research collaborations. His research focus is exploring the changing relationships between content, audience and technology in the emerging multi-genre and multi-platform environment. He has worked with BT, Vicon and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in previous careers covering video games, film, visual effects and animatronics. @adew