Leadership in Action 2015

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Windermere, Tuesday 3 March - Friday 6 March 2015

Every organisation needs great leadership. Dynamic and purposeful leaders can literally change the world. In academia the very best leaders are self-aware, skilful communicators with excellent people skills.

Vitae's highly acclaimed 'Leadership in Action' is a six month programme incorporating an intensive three-day residential course led by a director and team of tutor/ facilitators in which participants experience leadership in action through case studies in small groups in a supportive, reflective, coached environment. Participants explore and develop their leadership potential. The programme focuses on identifying and honing their own leadership styles. The programme has been delivered to a wide variety of participants in cohort groups of researchers at the same career stage, and mixed groups of researchers and professional staff. The programme enables an institution to rapidly build leadership capacity amongst its researcher and others, creating networks of opportunity.

“I loved this course because it revealed my true raw self.  What a revelation!!  Am so grateful and when I tell you it’s been a life-changing experience I mean it.” Leadership in Action participant

This year for the first time the programme will be greatly enhanced as the 3 day residential module becomes the starting point for further 6 months of online leadership support (using the Resilient Leaders Development Programme tool RLDP) to help you apply the learning in your work.

By working with a team of proven leaders from a range of career backgrounds, in a safe environment, you will:

  •  experience and understand the impact of a range of leadership styles
  •  develop as an effective leader of people and teams
  •  use strengths and achievements to create success
  •  build confidence in leadership abilities in a range of situations
  •  gain advantage in highly competitive employment situations
  •  acknowledge personal values and how these affect decisions
  • engage with researchers from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and career stages

The Resilient Leaders Development Programme tool (RLDP) will allow participants to:

  • Take part in an insightful assessment of current leadership performance prior to the start of the prgramme
  • identify the opportunities for personalised growth and development
  • focus on the application of leadership within the workplace after the residential programme has finished

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."  Nelson Mandela

Leadership in Action delivers measurable growth in all four areas of resilient leadership:

  •  awareness
  •  leadership presence
  •  resilient decision making
  •  clarity of direction.

Leadership in Action is delivered by an outstanding team of professional facilitators. They have extensive experience working with researchers at all stages of their careers. As well as sharing their knowledge and experience, they will work closely with you through the programme to help you develop your own, authentic leadership style.

Rate typeCost
Early Bird member (available until 14 February) £805 + VAT
Early Brid non member (available until 14 February) £895 + VAT
Standard member (available from 15 February) £880 + VAT
Standard non member (available from 15 February) £980 + VAT
Group discount for 3 or more participants