Vitae membership programme regional meetings March 2015

Succeeding in an uncertain research environment: 
Implications for researcher development

Come for…

  • Provocations from senior colleagues to stimulate discussion and practice sharing
  • Exploring institutional priorities and informing future Vitae activity
  • Updates from Vitae on latest UK and EU policy, and their implications for researcher development

Institutions face many strategic challenges to researcher development provision, but the flipside of every challenge is opportunity. Don’t miss this important networking event; book your place today.

Who should attend?

Participants may be the Vitae membership key contacts, or other individuals able to speak on behalf of their institution, as well as those with a practical role in developing researchers. We encourage attendance from a variety of job functions, including PVCs; Heads of graduate schools, Research Offices, or HR; Directors of CDTs; E&D champions, and researcher developers, as Vitae membership is for everyone within the institution with a stake in developing researchers.