A4 - Considering Research Staff Well Being

Day 1 at 12:00 - Full outline to follow.
Strand - Research staff.
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 12:00
Strand Research staff
Code A4

Emma Day, Vitae, 

Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden, Manager, Vitae South East Hub, University of Sussex

Considering Research Staff Well-Being

The importance of research staff well-being has never been clearer, however, in a pressured environment the well-being of individuals and teams is often overlooked. Providing opportunities and support for researchers to engage with their own well-being can have a positive effect on the individual’s personal and professional development, performance and health.

This session will consider well-being, drawing on experience gained through running a researcher well-being week at the University of Sussex.  It will then ask participants to reflect on their own well-being in terms of protected characteristics, work life balance and satisfaction utilising the Every Researcher Counts six steps appraisal and reflection tool.

This session will cover:

Understanding the influence of well-being?

Case study example of one researcher well-being week

Understanding the protected characteristics

Individual reflection on our well-being and needs

An opportunity to mentor a participant on their needs


Information, interaction and discussion.


A greater awareness of well-being and its influence on individuals. Ideas about how to improve personal and institutional approaches to well-being.  Knowledge of the protected characteristics, consideration of own needs and some ideas for how to improve.