A4 - Every Researcher Counts - Equality and diversity for research staff

Day 1 at 12:00
In January 2013 RCUK sent a letter to Vice-Chancellors in all universities outlining their expectations in the area of equality and diversity and later this year made equality and diversity an area for inclusion in institution assurance questions. In addition the REF equality guidance has had an impact on institutional practices and research staff.

In 2011 CRAC was commissioned by HEFCE and the other UK HE funding bodies to run the Every Researcher Counts project to improve equality and diversity in researcher careers. The next phase of this project is to develop new materials for Research Staff.
Strand - Research staff.
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 12:00
Strand Research staff
Code A4
Presenters Mrs Emma Day - Project Manager, Vitae
Ms Anne Goodman - Manager, Vitae, South West and Wales Hub, Cardiff University


This session will cover:

This workshop will provide an introduction to the Every Researcher Counts project and its position within current policy.  Participants will examine their own understanding of equality and diversity and participate in a practical exercise which will explore their team and people management skills by sampling the Every Researcher Counts materials.  As the project moves into a new phase with targeted materials for research staff,  participants will be asked for their views as to what is important when designing these new materials in order to ensure they are useful and have impact.


Information, interaction and discussion.

  • participants will learn about the Every Researcher Counts project, and its position within current policy
  • participants will sample the Every Researcher Counts materials and gain a greater understanding of how the materials may be used
  • participants will consider their own team and management skills, in the context of equality and diversity
  • participants will contribute to the development of Every Researcher Counts materials for Research Staff.