B3 - RSA and their role for diaspora community needs

Day 1 at 12:15 - To build a successful research career, researchers benefit from building an international profile and network. Perhaps the most expedient means for researchers to do this is to accept a post within a well-regarded research institute outside their country of origin. To make the most of this experience and fulfil their research potential, researchers will need to draw upon support from their peers. This is an opportunity for local diaspora to prepare internationally mobile researchers for the transition to a new country before their departure and to help them establish social and professional networks upon arrival. Owing to the diversity of such groups, diasporic communities like research staff and postdoctoral associations are well placed to assist internationally mobile researchers. Such diversity enables the formation of mentoring networks for researchers in each country, and it facilitates the establishment of research collaborations across borders. Strand - Research staff.
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 12:15
Strand Research staff
Code B3
Presenters Dr David Finger - Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow , University of Sheffield and Board of Directors, National Postdoctoral Association, USA
Dr Gordon Dalton - Senior Associate in HMRC, University College Cork and Chair, International Consortium of Research Staff
Dr Andrew Dellis - Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cape Town
Dr Miguel Jorge - Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

In this roundtable session, participants will:

  • hear personal experiences from a panel of speakers from the (USA, UK, Ireland, Spain) who have been supported by diasporic communities while advancing their careers as internationally mobile researchers.
  • learn about common experiences as diaspora.
  • discuss how networks such as the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICORSA) can promote international collaborations.
  • provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the panel and share their own experiences.