A9 - PTES, PRES, CROS and/or PIRLS complete - now what do I do?

Day 1 at 14:45 - The majority of UK HEIs are now participating in PTES, PRES, CROS and/or PIRLS. However, the responsibility for analysing the data produced is sometimes passed to a researcher developer who does not have relevant previous experience. In this interactive workshop, key considerations will be discussed including what are the most appropriate ways to present results for datasets of different sizes/response rates, including numerical and graphical summaries, as well as the importance of constructing an overall narrative that is tailored to the most relevant issues for the institution. Strand - All Researchers (practice).
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 14:45
Strand All Researchers (practice)
Code A9
Presenters Dr Richard Freeman - Programme Leader for Researcher Development, Institute of Education


The workshop covered:

  • navigation of the Bristol Online Survey system to obtain data in the most usable forms
  • opening and exploring surveys in MS Excel
  • suitable graphical and numerical summaries
  • different approaches to analysing surveys of different sizes - and response rates
  • suggestions for the structure/focus of presentations and reports.

Workshop outcomes:


  • became aware of the considerations that should guide their own analysis of their PTES, PRES, CROS and/or PIRLS data
  • understood how they can use MS Excel to produce suitable graphical and numerical summaries.


Information, interaction, demonstration and discussion.