A11 - Researcher development after Roberts: An analysis of responses to RCUK's survey of institutions' researcher development provision sinced the end of ring-fenced funding

Day 1 at 14:45 - Sir Gareth Roberts' Review of the supply of people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills highlighted the need for improvement in the development of researchers' transferable skills and career development. In response RCUK between 2003 and 2011 invested around £120 million to implement the relevant recommendations across all disciplines.

In a 2011 survey by RCUK, HEIs set out their strategies for researcher development beyond ring-fenced funding. The purpose of RCUK's 2013 review[1] was to assess the impact of the funding change and establish whether researcher development has become embedded in research training and staff support since the end of ring-fenced funding. 75 institutions provided responses to the questionnaire consisting five open-ended questions where they described how researcher development provision had changed since the end of Roberts funding. Strand - All Researchers (practice).
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 14:45
Strand All Researchers (practice)
Code A11
Presenters Mrs Louise Atkin - Project Manager, Vitae



  • heard the themes coming through from the 75 institutional responses
  • explored the report recommendations
  • heard case studies of practice illustrating the predominant themes from the findings
  • discussed the challenges and opportunities identified by the responding institutions.

Workshop outcomes:


  • gathered knowledge of the broad issues facing institutions regarding researcher development since the end of ring-fenced funding
  • had the opportunity to reflect on the results and contribute to the discussion around next steps for RCUK and other key players in this area
  • benchmarked their own institutional provision against the report findings.


Presentation and open discussion.