B9 - Every Researcher Counts: equality and diversity in researcher careers

Day 1 at 16:15 - In January 2013 RCUK sent a letter to Vice-Chancellors in all universities outlining their expectations in the area of equality and diversity and later this year made equality and diversity an area for inclusion in institution assurance questions. In addition the REF equality guidance has had an impact on institutional practices and research staff.

In 2011 CRAC was commissioned by HEFCE and the other UK HE funding bodies to run the Every Researcher Counts project to improve equality and diversity in researcher careers. As emphasis on this agenda has continued embedding equality and diversity practices is now a deliverable within the Vitae contract. Strand - All Researchers (practice).
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:15
Strand All Researchers (practice)
Code B9
Presenters Mrs Louise Atkin - Project Manager, Vitae
Ms Alison Mitchell - Director of Development, Vitae


The workshop covered:

This workshop outlined the 2013-15 Vitae Programme of work around Every Researcher Counts and included some key data from the sector, examples of what is being done currently to improve equality and diversity in researcher careers.

The session outlined a range of events occurring during the next two subsequent years, including national conferences; updating delegates on key data and inspiring action through regional case studies and Train the Trainer sessions, delivered by the Vitae regional hubs with the aim to embed the Every Researcher Counts training resources in PI Leadership programmes in institutions across the UK.


  • received equality and diversity data from the sector
  • learned about achievements from the 2011 project and the new programme of activities under the Vitae contract
  • heared about Vitae hub activities around equality and diversity
  • contributed to the development of new training resources.


Presentation and open discussion.