A3 - RCUK Statements of Expectations – current and future use

Day 1 at 12:00 - Over the past year the Research Councils have been working to harmonise aspects of their doctoral training support. The first step was publication of a Statement of Expectations for Doctoral Training which lays out common principles for the support of all Research Council students. RCUK plans to use this as the basis for ongoing discussion and assurance processes with universities around their doctoral training support. Vitae had also developed a Joint Vision for Collaborative Training. Both statements were published in June 2013. The workshop provided an opportunity for researcher developers to reflect on how these statements can be used and to provide feedback to RCUK. The workshop also provided an opportunity to discuss potential areas of research staff and academic development where a similar collective approach could bring benefits. Strand - All Researchers (Practice).
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 12:00
Strand All Researchers (practice)
Code A3
Presenters Dr Iain Cameron - Head of Research Careers and Diversity, RCUK


The workshop:

  • explored the use of the statement of expectations for doctoral training within the context of Researcher Development
  • considered whether the RCUK approach could be used in other areas of researcher development e.g. for research staff or research leadership.

Workshop outcomes:

  • identified the key aspects of the RCUK Statement of Expectations on doctoral training and the joint vision for collaborative training in terms of Researcher Development
  • suggested ways in which Researcher Developers can support these key principles - examples given.
  • identified further areas where RCUK could consider developing further statements and suggested key topics for inclusion.


A mix of context setting, collective discussion and small group discussions.