D8 - Exploring research leadership: A new PI programme

Day 2 at 13:45 - Following on from the work of the two previous conferences looking at the career aspirations and development needs of researcher developers, mapping was undertaken in an AUA supported project and a task landscape was identified for researcher developers. Leadership was highlighted as an important development need for researcher developers as a result of this mapping.

Building upon the model and approach developed for the new Vitae Leadership programme for PIs, participants were able to engage in a reflection on their own leadership capabilities whilst gaining insight into the new programme. Strand - Research staff.
Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:45
Strand Research staff
Code D8
Presenters Mr Paul Toombs - Personal and Career Development Consultant, Vitae Associate
Dr Steve Hutchinson - Hutchinson Training and Development


Topics covered:

  • what is research leadership
  • what does leadership look like in your own profession
  • the Vitae leadership course and model.

Workshop outcomes:


  • gained knowledge of the new leadership programme, content, purpose and context
  • had the opportunity to reflect ON their own professional leadership
  • experienced a slice of the new offering from Vitae.


Information, interaction and discussion.