B1 - Researchers on part time programmes: self identity and institutional challenges

Day 1 at 16:15 - Part time researchers are a growing demographic in higher education, and this trend is expected to continue in the new fees climate. However, much researcher development and support is still geared towards researchers on full time programmes and the assumption that postgraduates spend the majority of their time on campus. Part time researchers as a group present a unique set of challenges, issues and opportunities for institutional policy and practice. Developing enhanced support mechanism for part time researchers is a priority for the University of Birmingham Graduate School. Part time researchers reported feelings of isolation and awareness that they could be disadvantaged by the way existing resources were structured. Issues of identity and self-image were strongly present, with part time researchers feeling they had multiple identities, and that these identities were not always recognised or taken seriously by the institution. The workshop argued that this is often overlooked when working with part time researchers. Strand - Postgraduate researcher.
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:15
Strand Postgraduate researcher
Code B1
Presenters Ms Erika Hawkes - Postgraduate Researcher Development Officer, University of Birmingham

Topics covered:

  • background of the research carried out into the needs and experiences of part time researchers at the University of Birmingham
  • findings of the research, including isolation, structural inequality, access to information and issues surrounding identity and self-image
  • implications and recommendations of the research for institutional policy and practice at multiple levels
  • questions and the opportunity for all involved to share ideas and practice.

Workshop outcomes:


  • developed a greater understanding and awareness of the issues facing part time researchers
  • discussed and developed recommendations to improve support for postgraduate researchers in their own institutions.


Information, discussion and interaction.