B2 - The impact of doctoral training eight years on

Day 1 at 16:15 - This workshop provided delegates with an early preview of emerging findings from the Doctoral Graduate Impact and Career Tracking study. The study was commissioned by RCUK and the UK higher education funding bodies with the aim of understanding the difference doctoral graduates make in the workplace and the extent to which doctoral training drives innovation and growth. The study was carried out by CFE with partners from the University of Sheffield and the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU). Those who graduated with a doctorate between 2003/04 and 2005/06 took part in an online survey to find out what they are doing now and how their doctoral training has contributed to their careers and achievements. This was supplemented by interviews with doctoral graduates and employers. This workshop provided an opportunity for delegates to find out more about the early results, to consider the extent to which the findings reflect their own experiences and to suggest how the findings could be used. Strand - Postgraduate researcher.
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:15
Strand Postgraduate researcher
Code B2
Presenters Ms Rachel Moreton - Research Manager, CFE Research
Mrs Kate Reading - Policy Manager, RCUK, IEG
Ms Abigail Diamond - Managing Director, CFE Research

Topics covered:

  • background and objectives of the study
  • how the study was carried out
  • emerging findings from online survey of graduates and depth interviews with graduates and employers
  •  next steps - accessing the data and using the findings.

Workshop outcomes:


  • developed a greater understanding of the career paths of doctoral graduates
  • gained insights into the impact of doctoral training
  • reflected on the research findings in light of their own experiences
  • contributed to plans for communicating the findings more widely.


Presentation and group discussion.