A1 - Trends and challenges in postgraduate participation and funding

Day 1 at 12:00 - As part of wider changes to HE funding and regulation, the Government has asked HEFCE to review participation at the postgraduate level and take steps as far as possible to support postgraduate provision. The workshop presented the results of our first eighteen months of work under our postgraduate cross-cutting policy, including analysis of participation and progression trends in the last decade, with a particular focus on PGR. We sought participants' comments on our findings and our work. We also looked at the dual support funding method for PGR and discussed how to ensure it remained strong and sustainable, so that HEFCE (and RCUK) can continue to support excellent research and researchers in the foreseeable future. Strand - Postgraduate Researcher.
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 12:00
Strand Postgraduate Researcher
Code A1
Presenters Ms Emma Creasey - Higher Education Policy Adviser (Postgraduate Policy), HEFCE
Dr Steven Hill - Head of Research Policy, HEFCE


The workshop covered:

Current issues in PGR participation and funding, including:

  • HEFCE's work on postgraduate trends and transition into postgraduate courses, with a particular focus on PGR
  • update on HEFCE workstrands
  • potential barriers to postgraduate education Future Funding of PGR.

Workshop outcomes:

  • participants gained an understanding of current trends in postgraduate provision and HEFCE's approach
  • participants fed back to HEFCE colleagues on experiences from their own institutions
  • participants had the opportunity to contribute to the development of HEFCE postgraduate policy
  • identification and discussion of key issues around PGR participation and funding.


Presentation followed by discussion.