SISA7 - CAMPUS - online portal for mentoring and coaching resources

Day 1 at 17.20
The University of St Andrews has been heavily engaged in mentoring and coaching as part of its professional and career development provision. This has lead various initiatives such as the development of SUMAC, the online data management platform for mentoring and coaching schemes, and to co-organising the Mentoring Scotland conference in 2013. Many discussions with other institutions through these activities and via practitioner networks have raised the possibility of creating an online resource centre, allowing institutions to disseminate and share good practice covering a wide range of mentoring and coaching themes, such as scheme design, training, administration, evaluation and supervision among others.

St Andrews has carried out some groundwork to set up just such a portal ‘CAMPUS’ (Coaching and Mentoring Portal for UniversitieS) - and wishes to engage with other institutions to get feedback, invite contributions and discuss how this could be improved, expanded and established as a valuable and sustainable resource for the sector.
Day Day 1
Session Special Interest
Start time 17.20
Code SISA7

Jos Finer, Head of Organisational and Staff Development, University of St Andrews