B9 - How do we engage researchers in their professional development planning?

Day 1 at 16:20 - Workshop overview:

Engaging researchers with their own professional development planning (PDP) can be challenging and researcher developers in institutions are adopting a variety of approaches to effectively involve researchers.

This workshop will provide case studies from researcher developers sharing strategic and operational ways that they have successfully engaged their audiences, including researchers, PIs and senior management with professional development using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). The session will also explore ways to make researcher developers’ lives easier with regards to engagement and how to make the most of the RDF: including using the RDF to plan provision and deliver training mapped to the RDF.

Presentation from Workshop B9

Presentation from Workshop B9

Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:20
Strand Postgraduate Research and Research Staff
Code B9

Jen Reynolds - Vitae and CRAC Partnerships Manager, Vitae

Emma Sandon-Hesketh - Research Development Manager, University of Central Lancashire

This session will cover:

  • case studies from researcher developers on ways to engage researchers with PDP
  • tools to help support researcher developers to support others with PDP
  • how to make the most of the RDF to engage researchers, plan provision and deliver training

 Participants will:

  • explore ways to engage different audiences with professional development in their own institutions
  • discuss ways to make the most of the RDF to help them in their role
  • share experiences with other participants


Presentation of information, interaction and discussion.