D1 - Diagnosing and enhancing the research culture to maximise the potential of researchers

Day 2 at 13:45 - From the analysis of the 2013 Postgraduate Research (PGR) Student Experience Survey (published by the Higher Education Academy 2013) it was identified that the ‘research culture’ was the least positive aspect of the PGR student experience. The research culture in this context was queried by four statements:

• My department provides a good seminar programme
• I have frequent opportunities to discuss my research with other research students
• The research ambience in my department or faculty stimulates my work
• I have opportunities to become involved in the wider research community, beyond my department

This workshop will present, discuss and develop work that we are undertaking to further understand these components of and drivers for research culture. It will include a discussion on the everyday routines and rituals that transform everyday practice into an environment that develops and enhances the professional research environment for both students and staff. It will also explore effective current practice and new approaches to develop a growing and sustainable research culture enabling researchers to reach their full potential.

Presentation from Workshop D1


Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:45
Strand Postgraduate Research
Code D1

Dr Janet De Wilde - Head of Researcher Development, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Rui Pires Martins - Postdoctoral Researcher Development Advisor, Queen Mary, University of London


This session will cover

  • Diagnosing the context of research culture. We will present the work we are undertaking to further understand the context of research culture. The components and drivers of research culture will be discussed and explored. The attendees will be able to critique and add to the understanding of ‘research culture’.
  • Exploring routines and rituals of research culture. The routines and rituals of a healthy research culture will be analysed from the perspective of PhD students, post docs and academic staff.
  • Exploring the diversity and inclusivity of research cultures in UK HEIs.
  • Enhancing the research culture. Practices to enhance the research culture will be discussed and explored. We will explore what makes an inclusive, inspiring and innovative research culture and how this can be implemented and sustained in practice.
  • Enabling researcher potential. The relationship between the research culture and enabling researchers to develop their potential.

Participants will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the contributors to and drivers of research culture.
  • Develop an awareness of the relationship between culture and both  the student and staff research experience
  • Explore ways to enhance the research culture in their own institutions.


Information/short presentation, interaction and discussion.

Participants will be asked to contribute ideas and examples from their practice.