A4 - Embedding support for disabled students into postgraduate researcher provision

Day 1 at 15:20 - Disabled postgraduate research students (PGRs) and the staff who support them face a number of challenges, and due to the nature of the doctoral process these differ from those experienced by disabled students on taught courses. In 2009 the University of Nottingham created a post designed to work as part of both the central Disability Support service and the Graduate School and in doing so has embedded support for disabled students into mainstream provision for PGRs. What has become apparent from this is that many of the issues disabled students face are not dissimilar in nature to those experienced by their non-disabled peers, although they are likely to be more severe. Therefore much of the work that is done to improve the experiences of disabled students also benefits those who have not disclosed a disability.

This workshop will examine the insights that have been gained into the nature of these challenges, provide an opportunity to share what other institutions are already doing to address these and explore what additional approaches might be taken to incorporate the needs of disabled PGRs and the staff who support them into the researcher development process.

Presentation from Workshop A4


Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:20
Strand Postgraduate research
Code A4

Dr Emma Rowlett - Disability Adviser for Postgraduate Students, University of Nottingham    

Emma Day  - Project Manager, Vitae

Workshop topics covered:

  • Insights from the University of Nottingham
  • Experiences from other Institutions
  • Issues that arise at specific points during the student life cycle, including: recruitment, induction, annual reviews of progress, and the viva voce examination
  • Resources available including Premia and Every Researcher Counts

Themes covered:

  • Case studies and examples that mainstream equality and diversity for research careers and the research environment

Workshop outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Have greater awareness of the challenges facing disabled PGRs and the staff who support them
  • Explore how to address these challenges, including taking approaches that benefit all students, not just those who have declared a disability
  • Understand more about resources available.


Information, interaction and discussion.