A8 - RENKEI - Developing future leaders who can effectively work across boundaries of disciplines, cultures and domains

Day 1 at 15:20 - In order to prepare early career researchers to become the research leaders and global citizens of the future with the ability to tackle the Grand Challenges ahead of us, they must learn skills to work across cultures, disciplines and domains. The ability to communicate and work effectively across these different boundaries will prepare them for future careers with impact in a number of different sectors.

In this workshop we will describe a recent innovative programme - Collaborating Across Cultures: The 2013 RENKEI Researcher Development School in Bristol and Kyoto - developed by the Universities of Bristol, Newcastle and Kyoto to develop the aforementioned skills in researchers from Japanese and UK universities. The School has had a profound impact on the researchers involved through both skills development as well as new perspectives. You will hear from both organisers and participants.

We will then invite discussion around how the approaches and concept of the School could be applied more broadly in different contexts, encouraging participants to share their experiences of relevant activities they have been involved in.

Presentation from Workshop A8


Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:20
Strand Postgraduate Research and Research Staff
Code A8

Dr Alison Leggett - Head of Academic Staff Development, University of  Bristol 

Dr Robin Humphrey- Reader and Director of Postgraduate Research Training, University of Newcastle              

Jane Nolan MBE - Teaching Fellow in Enterprise and Visiting Entrepreneur, Newcastle University        

Katie Plant - Research Assistant, University of Southampton

Workshop topics covered:

This session will cover:

  • The concept, design and approaches used in the RENKEI Researcher Development School
  • Impact of the School on researcher participants, through personal accounts and overall evaluation
  • Application of the approaches and learning from the School to other contexts
  • Related experiences from other institutions

Themes covered:

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices
  • Leadership development for researchers
  • New and interesting ways of supporting mobility - international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary
  • Researchers development across boundaries: learning from international collaborations and exploring inter-cultural competence

Workshop outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Have developed a knowledge of the design of the RENKEI Researcher Development School and the approaches employed
  • Have had the opportunity to share the details of related activities they may be undertaking
  • Have heard about related approaches being used in other institutions
  • Have had an opportunity to discuss and generate ideas about how they might apply some of the approaches and concepts to activity within their own context"