B7 - Masterclass for heads of department

Day 1 at 16:20 - Brief overview:
At the University of Copenhagen we see working with HoDs and top management as an important part of building institutional capacity for researchers' professional development and maintaining their research excellence which is one of the themes of this conference. The next generation of our leadership program will therefore offer masterclasses to HoDs on some of the most essential parts of their tasks: strategic leadership, relational competencies, communications and change management.

Presentation form Workshop B7


Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:20
Strand Both
Code B7
Presenters Karen Poder, Head of Section: HR Competence and Management Development, University of Copenhagen

 To increase the cohesion and relations between HoDs and the top management of the University both groups will be invited to attend the masterclasses. We strive to develop a common language about leadership and a shared culture concerning leadership and management at the University. Bridging the gaps between the different management levels and bringing them together in leadership development sessions is therefore essential we believe.

However, the group of HoDs also need a forum of their own to be able to work together on their actual organisational challenges. The challenges that the HoDs face include increasing the amount of external funding, implementing political reforms and organising their departments to support research and education. The HoDs need a facilitated opportunity to share their experiences with peers in a confidential setting.

Based on this case the session will focus on the different kinds of challenges in leadership development at universities: the academic culture, the role of leaders in academia, as well as the actual activities in our programs.