C6 - Preparing research staff for leadership 

Day 2 at 11:00 - Target Audience:
This workshop is aimed at researcher developers who already have some experience of preparing, designing and / or delivering leadership development for researchers as we will be inviting all participants to share their experiences and actively learn from each other.

This workshop is intended to give participants an opportunity to discuss and debate various approaches to developing researchers for the variety of leadership positions that they might find themselves in throughout an academic career.

The workshop convenors will build on their experiences of running leadership programmes in various universities, writing Vitae’s The Leading Researcher booklet and, more recently, their work on a new leadership handbook. The workshop will help participants to identify key elements of leadership development that could then be used in their own organisations.
Day Day 2
Session C
Start time 11.00
Strand Research Staff
Code C6

Dr Fiona Denney - Director, Brunel Educational Excellence Centre, Brunel University London 

Paul Toombs - Personal and Career Development/Vitae Associate.

 This session will cover:

  • The importance of self-development for being an effective research leader
  • The challenges of designing leadership training that is relevant to different research leadership roles
  • Perspectives of recent research leaders and how their development was supported in different ways

 Participants will:

  • Experience some of the materials used by the convenors
  • Discuss and share their own experiences in developing research leaders
  • Appreciate the complexity of the research leader role and learn how to develop leadership training that addresses this complexity


Be prepared to be actively involved.