D6 - HR Excellence in Research Award: Sharing practice - exploring success measures in the context of the 2 and 4 year reviews

Day 2 at 13:45 - A key element of the HR Excellence in Research process is on-going review and evaluation, both internal and external. Over 50 institutions have been through their internal review, to retain the Award and the first sets of UK institutions to submit for the 4 year review are due to do so in September and December 2014.

Details of the requirements for external review submissions were published in February 2014. During this workshop an overview of the process will be provided and the process for the two year review will briefly be outlined.

Exploring strategies and approaches for effective review mechanisms and sharing practice around demonstrating measures of success will form the main part of this session, so participants must come prepared to share their experiences.

Presentation from Workshop D6


Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:45
Strand Research Staff
Code D6

Ellen Pearce  - CEO, Vitae

Jen Reynolds - Vitae and CRAC Partnerships Manager, Vitae

Helen Cameron - Human Resources Manager, Newcastle University

Dr Justin Hutchence - Research Staff Development Manager, University of Reading


This session will cover:

  • processes: how to submit for the 2 and 4 year reviews
  • a view from institution(s) on their approach to undertaking the 2 year review and their reflections on the process in light of the 4 year external review
  • discussion to share practice around review and measures to demonstrate success.

 Participants will:

  • learn about the process for undertaking the two and four year review
  • hear case studies from institutions about their strategies for effective review of progress, including indicators and success measures
  • identify actions or recommendations to measure/demonstrate success
  • have the opportunity to share practice with Award holders.


Presentation of information, interaction and discussion.