O1 - So you’re new to research staff

Day 1 at 09:45 - Those new to working in research staff development face a potentially bewildering array of policies and procedures. Research staff also have unique developmental needs which are important to consider when putting together programmes. So, where do you start? What do you really need to know when working with research staff for

Presentation from Workshop O1


Day Day 1
Session O
Start time 09:45
Strand Research staff
Code O1

Dr Emma Gillaspy - Vitae NW Hub Manager, Vitae NW Hub, University of Manchester


Topics covered:

  • Policy and drivers currently influencing research staff and their development
  • Vitae programmes relevant for the development of research staff
  • Challenges and opportunities in developing research staff
  • Creating effective research staff development programmes


The session will be a mixture of a presentation, group discussion and activities. Participants are encouraged to bring along any questions that they may have to the session.