SISA4 - Problem-based learning techniques for developing researcher cohorts (DTC's and ITN's)

Day 1 at 17:30
When training a researcher cohort, especially those which are multi-centre (often widely separated), the trainer often needs to enhance cohort cohesion and internal interaction, sometimes in a limited time period. KKI has recently developed Context and Problem-based Learning (C/PB-L) case studies and activities (in collaboration with Leicester and Edinburgh Universities and the Royal Society of Chemistry) that help to achieve this.

These C/PB-L activities are designed to foster problem-solving, communication and team-working in the cohort while ostensibly addressing issues such as innovation, impact and entrepreneurship. Some have a high degree of technical content requiring rapid assimilation of new data, while others take the guise of 'games' (albeit with a serious point).

This session will briefly outline the lessons that the author has gained from working with DTC and similar cohorts around the UK and beyond, also drawing on the author's 15 year experience of devising training material for adults and young people in the Scout Association.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to try some of the shorter C/PB-L activities for themselves. Many of these are set in the fictitious, newly independent, European country of 'Northland' where the Minister of Science is grappling with a wide variety of issues from bio-fuel production, to power line planning permission, and 'ambush' interviews with 9/11 'truthers'...
Day Day 1
Session Special Interest
Start time 17.30
Code SISA4

Kevin Parker, Director, KKI Associates

Dr Dylan WilliamsLecturer in Chemistry, University of Leicester