A4 - Critical reflection and accreditation in research degree supervision

Day 1 at 15:20 - Critical reflection and accreditation in research degree supervision
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:20
Strand Postgraduate Research and Research Staff
Code A4

Dr Angela Tinwell - Senior Lecturer, University of Bolton            

Workshop overview:

This workshop will provide an introduction to the new Research Degree Supervision module that is available for staff at the University of Bolton. The purpose of this module is to prepare candidates to undertake the role of a research degree supervisor. Candidates will critically reflect on the skills, attributes and characteristics of research degree supervisors and the role of the supervisor in the lifecycle of a research degree student. This workshop will provide the opportunity for you to pose questions about the new module, discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing this CPD module and to consider how a similar module may be pioneered at your institution.

As well as improving career development for academic staff at HE institutions, this Research Degree Supervision module has a beneficial impact on the career development of researchers and early careers researchers. This module provides an opportunity for early career researchers and research degree students to obtain experience in research degree supervision. Hence, this module will aid career development for those who are currently doing a PhD and early career researchers who have just completed their PhD who wish to gain vital experience and skills in PhD supervision to help achieve an academic job such as a post-doc research position and/or lecturer at a HE institution. In this way, this module serves to enhance the career development for researchers by ensuring that they are equipped and experienced in the skills required for PhD supervision to assist their careers in teaching and research. The Research Degree Supervision module provides an effective method to transform professional development for researchers and embeds professional development in the research environment at HE institutions. This module is also applicable for experienced PIs and PhD supervisors to ensure that they keep up to date with best practice in supervising research degree students.

This session will provide:

  • An introduction to the Research Degree Supervision module.
  • Critical reflection on the skills required as a supervisor for a research degree student.
  • Challenges faced in managing research degree supervisors.
  • A case study and example of how to transform and improve professional development for research degree supervisors.
  • Provide a case study for how to empower researchers and early career researchers to improve their skills and experience in research degree supervision to help achieve jobs in teaching and research.
  • Pose a solution for researcher developers to enable supervisors to be effective in developing the careers of the researcher.
  • How to design, implement and deliver a module in Research Degree Supervision at a HE institution. 

Participants will:

  • Understand the purpose, benefits and challenges of the Research Degree Supervision module.
  • Consider best practice in research degree supervision at your own institution.
  • Consider how academic staff, researchers and early career researchers can obtain and improve vital skills and experience in PhD supervision to aid their career development.
  • Reflect on and evaluate your own personal effectiveness in research degree supervision and develop action plans for further enhancement, sharing your insight with others.


Information, critical reflection and group discussion. Participants should be prepared to share their experience and training in research degree supervision.