B1 - From evaluation to organisational impact

Day 1 at 16:30 - From evaluation to organisational impact
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:30
Strand Postgraduate Research
Code B1

Dr Tania Alcantarilla - Evaluation and Impact Project Manager, University of Southampton

Dr Julie Reeves - Researcher Development Coordinator, University of Southampton

Workshop overview:

Is it possible to evaluate training up to level 4 of the Impact Framework (and/or Kirkpatrick's model) easily and simply, and still receive effective data?  

It is commonplace to evaluate activities at Level 1, i.e. the reaction to a training course, however Higher Education Institutions are increasingly concerned to capture the impact training programmes have on individuals and also in demonstrating the benefits this brings to the organisation.  In the post Roberts era, developers need to find evidence of ‘adding value' to sustain their funding and to support business cases.

At Southampton we dissected the evaluation process to pilot a three stage approach. We share our evaluation model, explain the rationale behind it and report the findings from our pilot.  We propose a solution which allows developers to compile impact data in, what we believe, is a simple, quick and ‘easy to manage' way. The model enables developers to validate course content, evaluate the perceived learning and application of interventions, and to assess the changes at the organisational level with just two surveys!

Workshop topics covered:

  • Impact Framework and Donald Kirkpatrick's levels of evaluation
  • Differences between assessing effectiveness and assessing impact
  • Key aspects of evaluating workplace transfer in HEIs, including areas of concern
  • Case study: Southampton Training Evaluation Matrix (TEM) - that reports on the rationale, construct and findings from pilot work.

Themes covered:

  • Researcher development and researcher careers evaluation and impact studies to further our understanding and knowledge of the researcher landscape

Workshop outcomes:

  • Gain a better understanding of the key aspects of evaluating learning acquisition and workplace transfer in HEIs
  • Explore how to set up an automatic evaluation system that can capture large quantities of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Follow through the evaluation process of examples of training interventions to Level 4 IF/Kirkpatrick 
  • Receive a model that will help you to set the TEM according to the strategic needs of your Institution


Presentation and discussion